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Custom Carved Signs

A carved sign is a business sign to get your company place more presence. It can be as basic as a painted board or a fancy art piece, but it should constantly reflect the motif and design of your store. The most essential feature of this kind of signage is that you have to make sure that it’s in good condition since if damaged, there will certainly be no point using such your sign for marketing or business promotion functions. If you are searching for something different than what we offer right here at Sign Web Tech, check out our portfolio or submit a request for assistance.

Whatever concept you start with, our excellent customer service and consultation, can turn it into a perfectly carved and hand painted personalized sign. We can provide you with concepts and ideas from start to finish.

That’s what separates us from other cookie-cutter carved sign makers. Our process and style, with meticulous carving and finished with hand painting, provides you, our client, with a quality product to represent your business.

No matter what you want for your custom-made carved sign, whatever the event, you will be happy for many years to come.

Carved Sign

What is a carved sign?

V-Carved Signs are a much more conventional looking sign with copy and graphic designs carved in a “V” style, which can be finished with any sort of custom color paint or our authentic 23k gold leaf.  Some are manufactured wood signs or natural wood signs, but most products today are made from a synthetic material.

Carved signs are long lasting, distinctly developed signs that can be constructed into any design or shape you need. A Carved Sign can be used for every little thing from hanging signs showing an organization’s area, catching the eye of your business foot traffic, to bigger decorative storefronts , to smaller sized directional and also informational signs, like those along pathways or other seen office buildings.

Carved Signs: Wood Signs, Carved Wood Signs. What are They Made From?

VCarved Signs can be made from natural and synthetic materials, depending upon your specific requirements. Natural products often tend to offer the carved sign more character and are chosen typically for their even more handmade-style visual allure. Synthetic products are much easier to fabricate and can be carved into the exact shape or look requested and are often more durable.

Whatever material your carved sign is made from, it will attract people with their unique appearance as well as provide an indication to customers that the owner appreciates the details and also impact they give prospective or current customers. Carved signs not only provide a visual of your business, but is also seen as a reflection of the care someone has for each facet of their business, organization, or event.

What Features and Style Do Engraved or Carved Signs Have?

There is a vast variety of options for carving signs offered, from shape or dimension, to colors, to carved engraved lettering, graphics, as well as a lot more. We offer custom options for sign dimension and shape. We’ve produced beautiful engraved signs in custom shapes such as a company logo, as well as basic rectangles and circles. Each sign project is custom made to customer specifications. 

The most effective way to create and display a carved sign varies, depending on your needs, our client. We have actually provided custom style signs with sign posts, wall surface mount, hanging from a post, as well as lots of others.  We provide excellent customer service and work with our clients from start to finish.

Some of one of the more popular choices consist of:

Carved Sign Hand Painting

If you wish to add custom color to your custom sign, we offer hand painting. If you require us to use a particular shade to match a logo or business style, we can do that too.

Carving Signs and Hand Painting Them: Hand-Carved Signs

Carving and painting signs is a great way to make your business stand out. These signs are also a great low-cost alternative to traditional signage. From choosing the right wood or other material, to using the proper tools, to carving your design and applying paint – we handle it from start to finish.

Gold Leaf

Adding gold to your carved sign adds an element of elegance as well as a feeling of premium allure to it and also your business. Real authentic 23k gold leaf is used in our process and can be added to lettering, placed on graphics, logos, as well as any other elements in your sign design.

3D Lettering / Dimensional Signs

Add an aesthetically dimension quality to your carved sign with letters, set raised on the panel, that stand separate from the rest of the sign. This will elevate your sign design, make it easier to read, and will have a farther eye catching distance for potential customers.

Is a Carved Wood Sign Made From Wood? What Choices for Carved signs can you supply?

There is a wide range of customization options for carved indicators available, from size, to color, to carved lettering as well as graphics, and also more.  We make all types of business signs, outdoor signs, indoor signs, directional signs, farm signs, etc.  If you are not exactly sure what you want, reach out to us.  Whether you want a carved wood sign or other type, we can walk with you and guide you through the process.

How Exactly Do You Mount Signs?

Ways of showing them differ, according to the most effective means to install different type of indications, however we have actually offered sign messages, wall mountings, hanging from a support or pole, and also many others.

What are the Most Effective Custom Carved Signs?

At Sign Web Tech, we provide carved signs that can be constructed from natural wood or high-density urethane (HDU); thick, dense and durable materials that can maintain your carved sign looking wonderful for years to come.

What Type Of Carved Sign?

No matter what sort of carved sign you need – store front, blade, hanging, directory, or other type – we make each sign custom to your requirements.

What color paint can we use?

We offer a standard set of default paint colors, but if you require us to make use of a certain shade or tone to match a logo design or business motif, we can match a custom color as well.

What materials are used for signs?

Signs can be made from synthetic or all-natural materials.  The materials are dependent on your project details and requirements. We work with each client to determine the most appropriate material.

Carved Signs we produce are generally made from HDU, a high density foam material.  It has the feel of wood.  It is strong, durable, and will not rot or split. It performs very well in the outdoor environment.  We strive to make a quality custom product that will represent your business in the best manor possible.

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