Ten Types of Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Signs: 10 Types of Signs for Sidewalk and Their Purpose

Do you need to know which type of sidewalk sign is best for your next marketing campaign? How about the 10 types of sidewalk signs and their purposes? Sidewalk signs or displays are a great way to get your message in front of people in a public space where they can’t ignore it. They come with many different options and styles, so with the following list of 10 types, you will know just where to start.

As mentioned in our article about standing out, these types of signs are portable signage that go by many names.  There are many benefits of sidewalk signs if designed and used in an appropriate manner.  For example, they are a great resource for inside and outside retail stores.

Sidewalk signs come with many different options and styles, so with the following list of 10 types, you will know just where to start.

Basic Business or Shop Signage: Signicade Sidewalk Signs, Frame Sidewalk Signs, Other Sidewalk Sign Holders and More

The most common type of sidewalk sign is the basic one. It’s the type you see most often when people put advertising for local businesses on them. They can be rectangular or square and are generally made of a material like plastic or cardboard.  You may have heard terms as sandwich boards, pavement signs, chalkboard signs, directional signs, A frame signs or just A frame, signicade sidewalk signs, frame sidewalk signs, or outdoor sidewalk signs.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are often used in parking lots to direct drivers to different destinations. The post is typically installed near the ground and the sign sits on top of it. They are available in both traditional form (horizontal) and diamond-shaped form (vertical).

Safety Signs

Safety Signs are used on a sidewalk or other area to warn pedestrians of upcoming dangers. These signs are placed in service areas that can be hazardous to pedestrians, like construction zones or when crossing the street.

The design varies depending on the situation. For example, in a construction zone, these signs may have flashing lights to warn drivers that there is pedestrian traffic. In general, they’re used for any type of danger that requires warning before it’s too late.

Commercial Signs

Commercial signs are a great way to advertise on the go. These sidewalk signs are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. You can put them anywhere you want for a short amount of time, and they’re also more affordable than other types of sidewalk signs.

Political Signs

If you’re looking to get your voice heard in the public space, political sidewalk signs are the perfect option. They help you share your opinion and get people talking about what’s important to you. Political signs come in a variety of sizes and styles so you will be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Funeral Signs

They are usually for an individual, but they can also be used to let people know about a group memorial event.  These types of signs are usually more subdued in color and have a simple message.

School Signs

School Sidewalk Signs are a great way to promote your business when schools start back.

Residential Signs

Residential sidewalk signs are typically used by restaurants and small businesses to let residents know about their services. You can also use these signs to advertise your event or to promote a sale. These are great because they are easy to read, which helps residents find out about your business.

Religious Sign

A religious sidewalk sign is a great way to spread the word about your faith. They come in many different styles and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are eye-catching. This is because of the message they carry, as well as their bright colors and animated pictures. The best part about religious sidewalk signs? You can use them as a marketing tool to spread your faith at the same time you advertise your business or product!

Master Sidewalk Signs: Conclusion

As you master sidewalk signs selection, there are a wide variety of sidewalk signs that you can use to advertise a business, event, or political position. But, before placing a sign on the ground, you should know the types of sidewalk signs and what each one is used for.

Sidewalk signs are often displays used to direct people to your shop or business, market your latest offer, or promote a political party. They can also be used to warn people about potential dangers or tell them about an upcoming event. The type of sidewalk sign you choose should depend on the nature of your message and your target audience.

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