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3 Ways to Stand Out From the Rest of the Sidewalk Signs and Graphics.

The sidewalk is a crowded place. In major cities, it’s not uncommon to see signs and graphics advertising everything from gyms to insurance companies all in close proximity. But what makes one sign stand out from the others?

Sidewalk signs are portable signage that go by many names.  You may have heard terms as sandwich boards, A frame signs, pavement signs, chalkboard signs, directional signs.  There are many benefits of sidewalk signs if designed and used in an appropriate manner.  For example, they are a great resource for inside and outside retail stores.

It’s not easy to grab someone’s attention when you have so much competition. That’s why we’ve come up with three essential tips and tricks for standing out from the rest of the crowd. Check them out below!

Designing Signage: Signicade Sidewalk Signs, Frame Sidewalk Signs or Other Sidewalk Sign Holders

The environment is a big consideration when it comes to graphics for sidewalk sign holders. Where your sign or graphic is placed in or around your shop can have a huge impact on how much people notice it. For example, if you have a large outdoor space, you may want to use signicade sidewalk signs and you’ll want to use stark colors and eye-catching designs to draw attention away from the sky and towards your business.

If your sign or graphic is going to be placed inside and not out on the sidewalk, you need to consider what kind of lighting will be streaming in through the window. Different kinds of light make different colors look better or worse; so make sure you know the quality of light that will be hitting your sign before designing anything too dark or too colorful.

Acknowledge your Shop Audience

The first key to standing out is acknowledging your audience. All of the signs and graphics in your area are vying for attention. You’ll want to know what makes your business unique, so you can market that distinction to the right people. Maybe you offer a service that nobody else offers in town. It might be abstract, but it would still be something you can use when designing your sign or graphic.

For example, if you own a gym that specializes in boxing and decided a changeable letter board frame sign is what you need, your sign or graphic might focus on the sport of boxing. On your outdoor sidewalk signs, you could even explain what sets you apart from other gyms in town by explaining the benefits of boxing-based workouts for beginners and experts alike.

Useful signage also provides vital information about what customers will find inside. For example, if someone sees your A frame sidewalk signs advertising “gym membership services” they should know they’ll find fitness equipment inside without having to venture inside for themselves or ask someone else who’s just leaving the gym.

Master Sidewalk Signs: Be Creative and Innovative

One of the most important aspects of a successful sign is creativity and innovation. For example, it’s not enough to have a frame sign that sticks out from the rest. Your sign needs to be unique in some way. For example, you can change your graphics up frequently or offer something that no one else is offering at the moment.

You should also consider how your sign draws people in. For instance, if you had a fitness center with a sidewalk sign, such as an a frame sign, you could change it up and put a picture on there of someone doing one of the exercises you offer. This would make passersby more likely to stop and take a closer look.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your message stands out from the other signs on the street. For example, if you have an ad for an accounting firm which has been the same neighbor for 20 years, it might be time for an update!


Master Sidewalk Signs:  If you are looking to stand out from the rest of the sidewalk signs and graphics, follow these three tips.  Sidewalk signs are a cost effective form of advertising for the business community.  There are many sign color options as well as types to choose from.  The first step is to put yourself in the environment you are designing for. What do your customers want? What do they need? You should also take into consideration who your audience is. This will help you design a sign or graphic that is both creative and innovative. Not sure where to get started? We have got you covered with our quality sign products.

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