Monument Signs: An Elevated Level of Signs

Signs: Exterior Signage with Monument Signs

Traditional monument signs are often made with a good balance of both aesthetics and practicality. While the style, size, shape, and material choices may vary from sign to sign, one thing is for sure: these signs get the job done. However, a traditional monument can seem a little bland and predictable. If you’re looking for something more creative or if you want to stand out from the rest of your competition, a new branding opportunity awaits you!

What Is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are one of the most recognized type of exterior signage utilized by a variety of businesses and organizations.

A custom monument sign is typically made of a polystyrene core with an armor acrylic finish, monument signs are built to last.

Entrance, Business and Other Types of Monument Signs

These types of signs are seen at the entrances of property developments or outside a business building.

Such examples are:

  • Outside residential communities
  • Schools and churches
  • Outside office buildings and corporate complex entrances
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Malls and other shopping complexes
  • Non profit or municipal buildings

Monument Signs come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed and finished to your specifications. Stucco, brick, or stone are some common finishes, but other final products may have:

  • An HDU sign mounted panel carved with a 23k gold leaf or paint finish.
  • A mounted lighted or LED panel
  • A sandblasted HDU sign painted panel
  • Faux masonry monument signs
  • Stainless steel letters
  • Other materials such as acrylic or metal
  • Letters or plaques mounted

How Much Does a Monument Sign Cost?

While the cost of a monument sign varies depending on the materials used, size, and style, it’s important to note that these signs are often more expensive than other types of signage. This is because traditional monument signs are typically larger in size and made of stone or bronze. When you’re making a choice about which type of signs to use for your business, take into consideration how much money you have to spend as well as what your budget will allow.

Advantages of Monument Signs

Monument signs are marquee products and add a level of prestige anywhere they are installed.  Monuments will not rot or rust and will look fantastic for many years.


Designing the Perfect Monument Sign

What if you want to design a monument sign that’s a little more creative? If you’re looking to do something different, such as an entrance monument sign, there are plenty of ways to make your traditional monument stand out from the rest! You can choose from any one of these five designs that will totally brighten up your business’ look.

Incorporate Something Unique

If there’s something unique about your business, incorporate it into the design of your monument sign. For example, if you have a famous mascot, put it on the sign! This is an excellent opportunity to show off both your creativity and some personality.

Get Creative with Color

Color is an integral part of any signage design. By incorporating color in non-traditional ways, like through paint or lights, you’ll give your monument sign a new look while still being able to convey your brand message loud and clear.

Get Creative with Wording Typeface

Typography is another important aspect of any signage piece, but this time around choose typefaces that are less expected than the standard ones. The more you stray away from what people expect of you, the more creative and original you’ll seem. A couple good ideas for those interested in playing with typefaces: using script or cursive fonts or using an unexpected color for text instead of black or white fonts on a dark background.

Get Personal

Incorporating a personal touch into the design elevates your level of authenticity.  Adding something personal to your design makes a deeper connection to an existing potential client or customer. 

Monument Sign Care

Once you have your perfect monument sign, it’s important to maintain it. A well-maintained monument sign will last for years and years. Of course, the type of material you choose to use for your sign will determine how often you’ll need to maintain it.  All of our exterior monument signs have a lightweight, high density foam core and are sprayed during manufacturing with an armor hard coating that makes the monument signage impervious to rot, termites and moisture.

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