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TradeShows and Trade Show Displays: How To Design an Exhibit That's Checked Every Box

Conventions and trade shows are an important venue for brands to share information about their products and services. It’s a great way to create new connections and build relationships, but it can also be difficult to stand out from the crowd. You want your trade show display to be memorable and help promote your brand. Here’s how you can design a booth with custom graphics that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors:

– Key Element:  Keep everything simple. Visitors on the trade show floor may only have fifteen seconds to see your exhibit before they move on, so it’s important that you keep things as simple as possible. Make sure the graphics are easy to read, avoid all text messages, and use bright colors.

– Be interactive: Take advantage of any technology available to the show exhibits. Interactive displays can make the sales pitch for you and make someone’s day by letting them touch products or play games before they buy anything.

– Bring people in with stunning graphics and tons of product samples: Have a variety of items on display with attractive signage. This will enable people to interact with more than one.

Trade Show: Graphic Dos and Don'ts of Custom Trade Show Booth Design and Displays


– Use simple graphics and bright colors in your graphic design.  A nice tension fabric display is a great product to use as a booth.

– Have interactive displays and games to engage your audience. – Have a variety of items on display for visitors to interact with.


– Include any text messages in your booth design.

– Allow visitors to touch or sample products without giving them an opportunity to buy that product.

– Put too much information on one sign as it will be difficult for visitors to digest all at once.

Where to Start with Trade Booth Design and Trade Show Graphics

– Who is my target audience?

– What is my message?

– What information do I want visitors to take away from my tradeshow booth?

– Will my design and graphics attract these people?

Once you have answered all of those questions, it’s time to start the convention of designing your trade show booth. As mentioned previous, a tension fabric display is a great product for an effective trade show booth.  Your goal with the design is to create a unique experience for visitors that leaves them wanting more. With these tips for designing a trade show booth that “works,” you can make your next trade show event a success for you and the trade show attendees.

Trade Show: Keep It Simple

One way to stand out with your booth is by keeping everything simple. Many people are likely to visit trade show displays for a quick fifteen seconds, so you want to make sure that they can read the graphics and understand what you’re offering. You may need one or more retractable banners which allow to you display graphics in an easy and clear manner.  Another advantage of a retractable banner is that they are easy to move around and switch out the graphic if necessary.  Keep things simple, bright, and colorful in order to appeal to visitors in a short amount of time.

Be Interactive - Trade Show Banners and Eye Catching Graphics

One thing that can help you stand out is to be interactive. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a trade show or store, interactive displays can make someone’s day by letting them touch products or play games before they buy anything. Interactive displays are captivating and create an experience for the viewer.

One thing people learn about interactive tradeshow displays is that they can get feedback on products more easily than if they were simply looking at the product on a shelf. This is because people will try something if they get to touch it first. Interactive displays give viewers the opportunity to experience your product themselves instead of just reading about it in a catalog or seeing it through a window. You want to make sure your display or table will appeal to as many people as possible, so you should have as many items as possible to interact with.

Bring in the Crowd with Live Demos

If you have the opportunity to do so, be sure to bring in people at tradeshows with live demos. A live demo can show attendees how your product works and give them a hands-on experience. This will be more enticing than simply reading about it on a plaque or scrolling through a digital device.

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