Electrical Box Signs

Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letter or store front letters are terms used to describe the large letters you see on the outside face of retail shops, big box stores or fast food restaurants.

Channel letter signs are constructed using aluminum frames, which keeps rust at bay.  The face of the letter is fabricated in acrylic, which allows light to reflect both during the day and at night.

Back Lit Channel Letters

Channel letter signs can be also be back lit, which provides a halo type of effect at night or made with internal lighting contained in a cabinet.

Lightbox Signs

A lightbox is usually constructed of a metal frame, with internal lighting that lights a translucent panel.  These can be one sided and mounted directly to a wall or two-sided and set on a ground or post system for two way lighting.

LED Signs

LED signs, also known as electronic message centers, are specifically designed to stand up against the external elements.  The LED signs easily programmable with a computer, making it easy to change your message.  LED panels are ideal for businesses that need to change their message on a frequent basis.

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